TV Screen

When Love Is In Your Eyes

EP “…until we start again.” (etf records 2015) [live bootleg]

EP Porn for Dummies (ICG records 2012)

EP PX vs CFC Disasterpiece Mixes (ICG records 2011)

There’s more out there: please visit etf records. Thanks!

Since 1994 the Rotterdam-based post-punk/electro-acoustic/noise band Cradle FC (formerly known as Cradle) played many, many shows throughout Holland, England, Germany, Belgium and France. Cradle FC’s sound has been influenced by bands like Joy Division, Swans and Velvet Underground.

Cradle FC won a few low profile-contests and supported bands like Sixteen Horsepower (US), Calvin Party (UK), Avacate (UK), KIN (UK), Mr. Heart (UK), Umphf (UK), Bobbie Peru (UK/US), Feeding Fingers (US), Johan (NL), Suburbs (NL) and many more.

Several Dutch and English radio sessions were aired and the band played numerous acoustic sets as well. The band released a number of live/studio tapes and cd’s and some tracks appeared on three compilation-cd’s released by the independent label Inner City Grit Records (Bristol, UK).

Cradle FC’s typical approach of sound and performance is basic, raw and intense.

Currently Cradle FC is on hold… but we do play gigs on occasion, please get in touch via the contact form below

Please feel free to download your copy (fans set price!) of Porn For Dummies or this very cool PX vs CFC Disasterpiece Mixes (by Person X).

In need of physical copies of Cradle FC’s releases? Please try these websites (in preferred order):

Sounds For Sure
CD Vriend

And there’s more stuff out there: visit etf records and download (fans set price) early-day demo’s!

More interesting stuff can be found on the various FREE DOWNLOADS of the Inner City Grit-compilations (featuring tracks of Cradle FC plus other cool artists).


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etf records [current label + webshop]
inner city grit records [previous label + webshop]

related bands/artists
the weak and the strong [johan solo]
mankes [project selma peelen + johan]
jd meatyard [singer songwriter, johan plays percussion on occasion]

ego echo [johan’s blog/poetry/stuff]
sylvia hennequin [former bandmember, mixed media-artist, cfc visuals]

© CRADLE FC 1994-2016 All rights reserved.

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